Human Intelligence

For where you need eyes and hands! On your digital journey we will help you organize, digitize & Validate the data that is being transformed. Our mechanical tricks help you with all forms of Eyes & Hands support - right from converting paper records into electronic records to organizing and validating the interdependent data in the form of audio, visual & clerical records.

Our Expertise

Inter-Application Data Compliance

Our workforce helps you achieve data consistency across various lab applications.

Data Digitization

We help your business digitize all its past records no matter what application it chooses to use.

Data Security

100% Data Security; Criminal data breach by our personnel carries a 10XProject value indemnity.

MutiChannel Retail Management

Our Outsourcing teams have helped achieve increase in order rations and reduced shipping errors for our retail partners who ship high-value goods enabling logistical validation & payment processing.



  • Outsource the Process
  • Outsource the activity

Staff Augmentation Plans