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Accelerating Your Cloud Success

Technology executives today are tasked with harnessing ever-increasing technology costs while allowing the business to remain agile. To accomplish this, they have turned to cloud At advancepts we are solving real business challenges across industries to help businesses choose the right solutions from the many. We are also investing in keeping technology, real for our customers by protecting their old investments and integrating with the new. Starting a new relationship with the businesses that still rely on human intelligence for process and services needs. Microsoft's Azure, Office 365, AWS, GCP for help. Cloud spans numerous business use cases and offers tremendous business value. With our full suite consulting for cloud Services, we can impact change in the following areas:


Enterprise IT

Move internal or external applications in Public Clouds - intend you Datacenter Capabilities.


Application Hosting & Integration

Leverage reliable, on-demand infrastructure to power your internal hosted applications and integrate external SaaS offerings.


Backup & Storage

Store data and build dependable backup solutions with affordabilities.



Organize and manage your data with a variety of scalable database solutions including hosted enterprise database software or non-relational databases.



Take your website to the next level with the scalable infrastructure platform.


Content Delivery

Quickly and easily distribute content to end-users worldwide with affordable costs and high data transfer speeds.


Disaster Recovery Service

Pilot-Light or make applications Highly-Available in a secure hosted environments with industry leading compliance.

Our team can help you identify your cloud adoption strategy and implement the right solution for your enterprise.


Microsoft Azure

Our deep expertise across technologies means we can move to Azure as an alternate technology platform if it is most appropriate for the specific business case. We're capable of extending your On-Site data centers to Azure's gamut of hosted services. Get the latest Azure features delivered you your business as they are Generally Available. Get the fantastic Azure global content delivery and a presence backbone for your business enabled by technology.


Office 365

Office 365 provides familiar Microsoft Office collaboration and productivity tools delivered through the cloud. Collaborate efficiently. We help you adopt O365 with a 365 perspective; Full Suite, we manage the tenants, help you license, transition your data & help you license to your requirements reducing wastage. We'll bring this expertise to you as well, whether you're dealing with the constraints of time, bandwidth, or legacy technology or you're a Small or Medium Business.


Amazon Web Services

As Amazon, Partners are focused on your success, helping you take full advantage of all the business benefits that AWS has to offer. With our deep expertise on AWS, we are uniquely positioned to help your company at any stage of your Cloud Adoption Journey and to help you achieve your business objectives.


Google Cloud Platfrom

We have helped many of our customers migrate their Windows applications from on-premise data centers and run Windows workloads on GCP. Our engineers are fully-trained in GCP and have extensive experience in serving companies from small businesses to large multi-national organizations. As Google Cloud Platform (SI) partners, we have validated our product to work on GCP windows to help our customers in the areas of migration, high availability, security, and management.

Technical Enablement

As AWS Partners we provide professional services that help you design, architect, build, migrate, and manage your workloads and applications on AWS.

Business Enablement

We will provide all temporary services for business to adapt to the transition; be it hands on-site; technical content development or tactical requests like technical concierge.

Strategic Partners